The Storytellers High School Campaign.

By Chloe GrabanskiJuly 31, 2013

Last year, we began filming a video to capture the heart of The Storytellers at three of the schools who won TWLOHA events by participating in the campaign. We wanted to show how talking about mental health positively influences schools and communities and to help people understand that not discussing these very important issues only perpetuates the stigma of mental health. We are honored and moved to be a part of the stories represented in this video, and we hope this gives you a glimpse of how The Storytellers could impact your local high school. 

To date, The Storytellers has been in 319 schools worldwide and raised over $150,000 for TWLOHA. Applications for our Fall 2013 term open onAugust 1. You can learn more about what the campaign does and how to get involved here.

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  1. Steven W

    It truly was an amazing experience that made hope and healing real, not abstract words or platitudes. It can make a difference in your school, will you step up and say I will help others find their voice, their story

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  2. Patience

    I want do this At my school.

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  3. Kenadi F.

    Running the Storytellers Campaign has changed my life. I strongly encourage anyone who is passionate about this cause to get involved.

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  4. Marti W

    If you feel called and ready to run a Stoytellers term at your High School, I encourage you.
    As a 2012 Student Organizer I can tell you it’s a lot of hard work and time, but it is so incredibly worth it.
    So, don’t second guess yourself, you have the potential to be extraordinary.

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  5. Alesia

    My highschool isn’t accepting of ‘issues’ that this program presents, but I still want to apply for this. It is hard finding a teacher that understands why I think we should hold this event. But I’m sure it will be worth it.

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  6. Madison

    Are you still holding this contest? My high school recently lost a student to suicide and we wanted to do something like this in his honor.

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    1. Claire Biggs

      Hi Madison,

      We’re so sorry for your loss. Although the Storytellers program is in a period of transition right now, we’d love to help you think of some ways to honor your classmate. Would you mind emailing [email protected]?

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  7. Prabhjot Kaur

    I, myself have dealt with depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. I know many people in my school have too. I know girls and guys that want help but have no outlet. I’m really really happy and appreciative of what you all do. I would love for something to happen in my high school to spread the importance of mental health. We are not “crazy” or “attention- whores”, we are humans. We are just like the cancer patient in the hospital, don’t blame us for being ill. Please come to Arundel High School in Maryland. Bring an person, bring a movement. Anything. I just want someone to tell my classmates that they are not the only ones going though this. I want through all those issues and now am a hundred times better. I’m joining the Marines soon. I just want them to know that life will be okay. I’m not brave enough to talk about it to them. My high school will be welcoming. You could talk to the head counselor to see what he thinks but I think this will help save lives at our school! Thank you for your time and consideration and all the lives you guys are saving.

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  8. Natália Vieira

    Olá, conversem comigo. Me chamo Natália Vieira. Por favor , desde de já obrigado.

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