Twelve More Weeks

By Lauren GloyneAugust 8, 2014

Twelve weeks ago, Alicia, Catie, Erin, Jen, Joe, Phil, and Ryan moved to Indialantic, FL. Twelve weeks ago, I was writing training schedules, making beds, and assigning laundry days. Twelve weeks ago, I had no idea how the next 12 weeks would go. 

That can seem like a really long time depending on context, but when you’re talking about friendships forming, stories being shared, and lives changing – boy, does it fly by. This group surpassed every expectation I hadn’t even realized I’d formed. They’ve been rock stars from day one, which was spent organizing our warehouse. They shone during our first-ever Free Shipping Worldwide sale. They powered through our Summer Conference and the Florida Warped Weekend of Little to No Sleep. They have worked hard, loved deeply, and forever joined our TWLOHA family.

#TWLOHASummer14, what can I say? It’s 10:32PM on August 7. I’m looking through Instagram at your “last night” posts, and I can’t believe tomorrow is your last day. I’m so unbelievably proud to be your Intern Director. I love the way you love each other, and our whole team. I can’t imagine the office without you, whether it’s Jen & Catie’s hilarious camaraderie, Phil’s distinct chuckle, Erin’s random gifts of dessert, Alicia’s amazing hair, or Ryan’s Tennessee wisdom. Joe, you’re sticking around for awhile, and I’m so grateful. I’m so glad you all said yes.

Our team could never find enough ways to say ‘thank you,’ but please remember this: The last 12 weeks have meant more to us than we can ever say, and it wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you. We love you and are beyond honored to have shared this season with you. We carry your stories with us, and you are forever part of ours.


With Love,



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