TWLOHA UChapters: Welcoming our newest chapters and other program updates.

By Holly HallumJanuary 21, 2011

Over the course of the last year, I have had the privilege of watching the TWLOHA University Chapters program grow and develop into a community of students from all over North America who care for and love others. This community is extraordinary. Through organized meetings and events, each chapter serves as a voice of hope, inspiration, and support for students and their surrounding communities. Their dedication to raising awareness, investing in others, and living honest lives has been a daily affirmation of the work that I do in Cocoa, FL.

That’s why this past fall it was so exciting to watch our program experience the most growth it has seen since its inception. We added 17 new chapters to the database and received just as many applications to begin the registration process. The desire to spread hope and help to others through the UChapter program is spreading through America, into Canada, and perhaps across the world.

We would like to take a moment to recognize and welcome the newest chapters to join our team since our last update in October. If any of these chapters are near you or at your school, we encourage you to email them and find out how to get involved.

Arizona State University ([email protected])
Cornell University ([email protected])
Pittsburg State University ([email protected])
Portland State University ([email protected])
Oral Roberts University ([email protected])

All other chapter contact information can be found on our website.

Many of our chapters have already started planning for their spring events and there are some really neat things in the works. From benefit concerts to art exhibits, discussion forums to prevention and awareness walks, these events and activities reach out to their campuses and invite students into important conversations about these  previously ignored topics. The young leaders in our chapters have taken great pride in creating places on campus where students feel safe, valued, and cared about through these events. We are excited to be able to continue sharing their accomplishments and goals with you.

I hope that through their excitement you will find inspiration and a yearning to be a part of this community. To learn more about TWLOHA University Chapters and how you can get involved or start one on your campus, please visit or email [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon.

With Hope,

P.S. You can also keep up with our chapters by following the TWLOHA UChapters blog on Tumblr

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