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By Jonathan FrazierJuly 10, 2007

Hi Guys.

Our first video blog. Made this afternoon in a Las Vegas hotel room, on a day off from Warped Tour, just before a dip in the pool…

We’re in the process of bringing back [url2=]TO WRITE LOVE ON THE ROAD[/url2]. Michael’s written a couple blogs, and you’ll find some photos from the last week as well. Do check it. More soon. Hope to see you.

Love from Vegas.

PS: I mentioned this in the bulletin earlier… We have a new song, “Amazing Because It Is” by The Almost. I saw them play this live in SLC, and it really meant a lot, especially considering the context (Warped Tour). I first heard this song a couple months ago and it’s one I’ve come back to a lot. The song is desperate and honest and raw, and I love the way it builds and feels huge by the end. Anyway, check it out and enjoy.

Here’s two verses:
“I’m the type of person who lets fear drive
I’m the type of guy who lets it drive
Cause I’m addicted, I’m needy,
I’m lost without you
I need you
I need you

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saves a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind but now I see”


A few bright moments in Texas…

Hi Guys.

A quick couple words about yesterday, because yesterday was my most favorite day. We were in San Antonio. Here are some reasons it ruled…

My sister Emily arrived in the morning. Emily and I had lunch with Jay and Alex from The Almost. Jay asked about TWLOHA and so we had a good long talk about it. The Almost played right after lunch, and their song “Amazing Because it Is” continues to be my favorite moment each day. In a way, this song doesn’t belong at Warped Tour, and I suppose that’s some of why I like it so much, and why it does belong. The song is brave and true, and if you come to one of these shows, you must catch it.

I had the chance to tell Aaron Gillespie some of this last night, as we were walking back from the BBQ. Told him I love the song and that I think it’s powerful that they play it each day, in this context. And then we talked about grace and pain and hope, and TWLOHA, and Warped Tour. We talked about feeling blessed to be able to do what we do. He said “I’m just a messed-up kid from Florida…” And that made me smile, as I am certainly the same.

A really surprising moment was this: I was on the Anberlin bus, and I try do my best to stay out of the way, but sometimes I feel like I’m in the way – a guy who doesn’t make music, tagging along with all these friends who do… and I forget how it came up but Joey from Anberllin said this: “What you’re doing is a lot more important than what we’re doing.”

And I told him that those words meant a lot but that I believe we’re all in this together, that he is part of this too. The band support, especially Anberlin, has helped so many people find out about TWLOHA, and hopefully those people are finding hope in what we do…

So then it was getting late and I walked over to the Bayside bus, and Anthony and I talked for a while. As we were wrapping up, he said “I’ve always wanted to ask you why you do what you do, what gets you out of bed in the morning…” So we ended up talking about those things, and what a privilege it is to do a job in which we get to bring our hearts to work, realizing that it is rare. I told him that it’s pretty simple: There are people in so much pain that they don’t want to be alive. There are people who feel completely lost, completely alone. We want those people to know that there’s hope. That they are loved. That these issues are treatable. We want to help them find it. And I told him that I really believe in the work he does, his honest art, and what it means to people. He offered some really kind words. So that was another conversation that meant a lot.

Finally, I did an interview for Fuse (TV) yesterday and, at the end, the producer had tears in her eyes as she told me that someone she loves struggles with these things. It was a really surprising moment for me, and it reminded me that we are not here by accident. And it may be just a couple moments each day. A few conversations, a few seconds where the noise somehow falls away, or where we find something true in the noise… These were some of the bright moments for me yesterday.

I hope you had some as well. I hope we see you soon.

Hello from Dallas.

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