We need your support now more than ever.

By Chris Youngblood

With under 48 hours left in American Giving Awards, TWLOHA is in 1st place!! That is all you. We owe you a huge thank you for everything you have done to get us here. It shows you believe in us. You believe in our mission. You believe that investing into treatment and recovery is important. You believe in bringing hope on the road. You believe in the programs we have to end the stigma surrounding these issues.

That said, we need your help to take this a step further. We’re in the home stretch of Round 1, and the gap is slowly closing. We need your support more than ever. We need your time. We need your creativity. We need your vote.

For the next 48 hours we’re asking you to devote time to talk to your family, friends, classmates, and teachers; it may even be time to get your grandma to sign up for a Facebook account. Let them know what this means to you—why this is important and why you believe in it. Get creative. We want to hear your stories about how you’re rallying people to vote. Show us your creative sharing by tagging your photo with To Write Love on Her Arms on Facebook or @replying TWLOHA on Twitter

Some simple ideas to get you started:

— Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photo to the one below. Make sure to add the voting link to your description making it easy to click and vote for TWLOHA.


— Message all your friends on Facebook and ask them to vote.

— Create a Facebook event to vote and invite everyone you know.

— Direct Message your Twitter followers.

— Use Tumblr as a way to share why you want your followers to vote.

— Post on your blog. 

— Email your coworkers.

— If you’re at school, ask your teacher if you can share with your class about why this is important to you and how they can vote. Ask them to share with other students and faculty.

This would be one of the biggest things to happen to TWLOHA in our existence as an organization, and we can’t do it without you. We never would have thought a story about one girl and her struggles would affect millions around the world and put us in positions like this to fund treatment and recovery for people all over as well as bring hope on the road in ways we never have before. Please help us win $1Million and join us in continuing this story together.

Please vote.


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