Welcome to National Suicide Prevention Week 2014.

By Jamie TworkowskiSeptember 8, 2014

A body was found three blocks from our office this morning. Police have ruled it a suicide. We don’t yet know the person’s name or age or gender. Who were they? What were the dreams of their youth? What pain led to their decision? What hearts will break as the news arrives? We know nothing of their story, but we know that story ended too soon.

It is with this unknown person and their unknown pain in mind that our “No One Else Can Play Your Part” campaign steps into National Suicide Prevention Week, which begins today in America. The person who died on our street around sunrise this morning represents thousands more who die by suicide each year and millions who struggle with depression. 

We live in a world that says to play it cool. We live in a world that suggests that everyone is doing just fine, that there’s no place for your pain, that your worth is based on how many followers you have. Those are lies. You matter. Your story matters. The pain of your past and what you do with this day and the hope and possibility that your future could look different – all of it matters.

People often ask me how TWLOHA works. What’s the dream? What’s the goal? The more the years go by, the more simple my answer gets. These days it goes something like this: The dream is people knowing that it’s okay to be honest and it’s okay to ask for help. The dream is people choosing to stay alive. The dream is you never giving up on your story because no one else can play your part, because there’s still some time to be surprised. That’s why TWLOHA exists and that’s what #NoOneElse14 is all about. 

This week we’re joining people around the world who are engaging in vital conversations about mental health and suicide prevention. Here’s how you can get involved:

Show your support with our World Suicide Prevention Day pack.

All of the items in the pack are meant to equip you to talk about suicide prevention in your community. Use them as conversation starters, encouraging reminders, and informative tools to share with others. Finally, be sure to wear your shirt and bracelet on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10! You can get your WSPD pack here

Get the word out on social media.

Change your profile photos, cover photos, and backgrounds on your social media accounts using our NSPW social media assets. Throughout the week, share what you’re doing to start conversations about suicide prevention using #NoOneElse14, #NSPW14 (for National Suicide Prevention Week), and #WSPD14 for (World Suicide Prevention Day). Don’t forget to tag @TWLOHA on Instagram & Twitter so we can see how your community is getting involved!

Tell us why “No One Else Can Play Your Part.”

Download this printable PDF and tell us why No One Else Can Play Your Part. Post it on social media by tagging @TWLOHA and using #NoOneElse14 or #WSPD14.

Fundraise for suicide prevention.

Help us challenge the stigma of mental health by providing support and treatment for those affected by it. From now until the end of NSPW, every dollar raised through our NSPW 2014 StayClassy page will go directly to funding treatment and recovery.

Here’s what’s coming up on the blog for the rest of the week:

Tuesday, September 9 – “Connectedness and Community

Wednesday, September 10 – “World Suicide Prevention Day

Thursday, September 11 – “Remembering Those We’ve Lost

Friday, September 12 – “The Stories We Share

Saturday, September 13 – “There Is Still Some Time To Be Surprised

Sunday, September 14 – “What Comes Next?”


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  1. Rachael

    I just put my life story of being a suicide attempt survivor into a book. Available on amazon.

    Titled “back from forever words”

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  2. Jess

    1 year, 7 months, 21 days and counting. It is by Grace through Faith I am saved

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  3. Bethany G

    Hello. I have been to the bottom, up, down, all around and back there again. I am blessed to say that I would never take my own life however because of the mental illness I have, I will always experience suicide ideation which can take me to a very dark place if I let it.
    I had a scar on my wrist that I was convinced told a story that left people easily summing me up and I decided that rather than one permanent mark I would trade it for a beautiful reminder. “Love” is my inked support for myself and others and my way of helping to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.
    To all of those affected in some way or another, my prayers go out to each of you. Someone once told me that “God don’t make no junk” and you are so worth this life and happiness. Today, I pass that sentiment on to you. There is nothing worth distinguishing your beautiful light.

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  4. Arlyne grey bear

    Missing a loved one , losted by taking his life .

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  5. Jessica Villa

    Hey guys, this organization along with my previous personal struggle with self harm and depression in my teenage years led me to beginning a nonprofit organization of my own aimed at helping people, especially today’s youth, overcome their inner demons through music, bands, and daily encouragement . I was hoping to get in touch with you guys to maybe work together and/or share ideas so we can bring light to this big issue affecting thousands. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch ([email protected]), I won’t disappoint and I look forward to changing lives with you xx

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  6. will siddons

    Remembering all those that have lost there lives to this nasty evil thing r.i.p x

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  7. Alaska.

    I think we all have this unique essence and presence in life. We all are here for a reason, a special reason assigned to each one of us. I think this is our story and we are writing it down by living it everyday, we will make history, because we are warriors and we are soldiers that fight everyday to keep going, but still…we are here.
    We all matter as much as the oxygen, as much as the water and food, because we are part of this universe, we are alive and that’s something we should be proud of. We have been going through a lot, I’m sure of it, but we are still here, and we have tons of time to live yet, this is not the end, I hope you (-if you are reading this-) wake up everyday thinking is a new chance, a new beginning, you can make anything you want to, you can make it happen if you work for it, you deserve to be happy!.
    I have more to tell you in this video, it would mean a lot for me if you could watch it.
    tons of love!!!.

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  8. Dorothea Konow-Breedlove

    Mental illness is REAL! It can take ones life~

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  9. Linda Gail

    Two suicides in my family – my mother in 1965 my brother in 2002. I just learned tonight after 49 years that my Mom was really sick. I didn’t believe her suicide was real until tonight. I grew up without a mother attended school and did well without a mother – took on several careers without her but I never forget. But hope is real for some and clearly hope is real for families and friends. I love you all – life gets better – and you will get through it.

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  10. Megan Hayes

    I have been my fair share of hard ships and i’m still going through those hard ships, but I have my family and my friends that have been there for me. They have helped me get the help that I need they stayed by my side when I needed them they were there. My cousin was the one person that was really there for me and still is there for me, I have talked to him about a lot of personal things that I have been through. I own my cousin a lot because he is one the reasons why I have been cut free for 2 years and one month. Stay Strong and love you all.

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  11. nicolette

    Eve since I saw the poster, with the prhase ; no on else can play your part. I’m trying to find an answer for myself, what’s my part, why can’t I be missed. An honestly; Right now I still don’t now. That doesn’t mean I want to attemp suicide, I still have hope that soon I know he ansewer. Hopefully I can com up with more than one reason that my story matters. My whole live has been some sort of a struggle, rugh childhood, not enough confidence, etc. But 11 years ago I had a biking accident and ended up in a wheelchair with partial paralysis. Lost my friends, my job, needed to move. In a few words; I chenged my live and it took me years to get my live back on track, alltough in a different way. This april, 5 months a go I was cycling through the city with my handcyle and got hit by a truck, the driver hadn’t seen me. My handcycle and wheelchair where completely crushed by the truck and as in a wonder I seem to be ok. At the time, because later my neck and the nerves in my arm started to hurt. This is 5 months a go, and I sufferinf from whiplash disorder, nerver damage in my right arm and traumatic Brain Injury. And here I am again; next months I am losing my job, some ‘freinds’I haven’t spoken in months and I can’t ride my own wheelchair anymore, because of the arm injury. So I do feel lonely sometimes. Especially because except the wheel (which I already had) I look ok. SO people seem to forget that I am not. Only two or three good friends stop by now and then and help me. So I now I should be glad that I suvived the accident, but on the otherhand it”s hard to wrap my head around the question why I have to be in this position, for the second time. For that it is really hard at this moment to answer why my part matters. But I hope I can get through this an mayb become an inspiration for people. My part can’t be useless…

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  13. Superstar Runner (Ben Johnson)

    As I think about it, and reflect on past years of my own struggles with depression, self-worth, and paranoia (which often seem so distant to me now), I figured I’d share a small prose; a thought process that often gave me courage to push through in the midst of it. It went as follows:

    “Life sucks…sometimes. But every so often, on a gray day, a glimpse of light shines down through the clouds. And I remember I don’t want to risk missing out, on what could be the greatest day yet.”

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