What a Blessing: Saying Goodbye to the Fall 2015 Interns

By Lauren GloyneDecember 11, 2015

Today is the day we bid farewell to our Fall 2015 interns. For the last 15 weeks they’ve worked alongside us, responded to more than 1,000 messages from supporters all over the world, helped us ship 11,000 orders, worked 5 events in Florida, and taken part in our World Suicide Prevention Day and #into16 campaigns.

They’ve laughed with us, they’ve cried with us, they’ve celebrated with us, and they’ve grown with us. We are so grateful for every moment in the office – every email answered, every care package sent, every piece of paperwork completed. We’re also thankful for the memories made outside these four walls: community dinners, bioluminescent kayaking, Thanksgiving dinner, too many trips to The Oaks to count, and trick-or-treating at The Burrow.

If I’m honest, I’ve been avoiding writing this.

If I’m honest, I’ve cried more than a few tears today. And I’m sure there are more to come.

If I’m honest, saying goodbye to our interns is the hardest part of my job.

As we paused earlier this week to honor this term, I said something to our interns that I’ve said at least a dozen times: TWLOHA wouldn’t exist without them. We couldn’t do this work if they didn’t give their time and talents to help us. They will forever be part of our story, and we will be a part of theirs. These phrases might be ones they’ve heard before, but they are true. We love our interns, and ‘thank you’ never seems like enough. They’re the most dedicated of our supporters. They are committed, hard working, and selfless.

Abie, Cara, Casey, Lisa, Mae, Rebecca, and Ryan: I tried to slow this day in coming, but here we are. For some of you, the road ahead is clear. For some, it’s not. And we know that can be hard. Please remember that we have your back. If saying goodbye is hard today, we get it and are there with you. This team is forever changed because of you. Thank you for giving your all every single day. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. Thank you for being honest about the hard stuff. Thank you for going to counseling when you needed it. Thank you for carrying each other when they needed it. Thank you for loving our supporters well. Thank you for everything.

What a blessing.

With Hope,


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