You Asked. The TWLOHA Interns Answered. Part 2 of 5

By TWLOHA InternsOctober 21, 2014

What is the most important thing to remember when living with so many people?

Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow interns for help. They are your family, and you will all take care of each other. 

– Allie, Fall 2014 

Do your chores. Cook and eat at least one meal a week with each other. Be honest. Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself.

– Brandi, Fall 2013

Take time for yourself. It’s tempting to want to be around everyone all the time because you know your time there is limited, but the work you do is demanding. Make time to care for yourself so you can really enjoy the time you spend with your fellow interns.

– Kayla, Spring 2014 

Remember to enjoy the opportunity to learn new things from your roommates; remember the things they like and the lives they have lived. Go on adventures you’d otherwise never consider! Say “yes” whenever possible; you never know where you and your (many) roommates may end up. 

– Marie, Spring 2013

You have to remember that everyone is different and has different needs. We spend almost every minute of every day together. During free time at home, people need different things. Some will want to be social and loud. On the other hand, some will just want to go to their rooms for a couple hours to relax, nap, or just be alone for a little while. You just have to remember that each intern is taking part in his or her own self-care.

– Ryan, Summer 2014 

Enjoy the early experiences and learn to share your story. You will be amazed at how incredible the journey becomes. I would always recommend one-on-one conversations as well. My fellow interns and I shared so many close moments in these situations and became, ultimately, incredibly close as we learned to love and share with each other.

– Connor, Summer 2013 

Living with other people requires work. You have to put in energy and make sacrifices in order for things to go smoothly. It is important to understand that you will certainly have differences, but that’s part of the experience. Being flexible and being able to change how you do things to benefit the group is a big part of making a community prosper.

– Phil, Summer 2014 

Communication. Discuss shower schedules, grocery runs, dinner preparation, and the alarms in the morning. You are changing your comfort schedule from home, but so are the other people in the house. You must communicate with them to maintain a healthy, happy balance. 

– Lydia, Fall 2014 

Living with so many people can be incredibly wonderful, and it is full of the potential for honest conversation and interaction. But with that you need to also be aware that community does not come without effort, and it won’t always be easy. There are going to be days where you just need your own space to be away from your housemates for a while. That is OK, too. When you have so many different people coming together under one roof, it can be challenging, but it is ultimately worth it. 

– Kenneth, Fall 2014 

Communication is key. Share with your roommates things that you know will bother you right away. Also, be really intentional about the words you choose when talking about difficult topics. Don’t take things too personally. Try to understand your roommates’ perspectives. Be mindful of each other.

– Molly, Fall 2014 


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