You Asked. The TWLOHA Interns Answered. Part 3 of 5

By TWLOHA InternsOctober 22, 2014

What is the most unexpected lesson you learned while interning?

I learned a lot more about myself than I expected to. I learned that I am capable of being a leader and helping those around me. Through the support and encouragement of the TWLOHA staff and my fellow interns, I learned that I could do anything I set my mind to. I also learned that thunderstorms in Florida are very scary.

– Kayla, Spring 2014 

That unconditional love exists in friendships. The experience is as rare and special as the people who do it with you. I learned a lot while I was at TWLOHA, but what stands out as an unexpected lesson is that there are people with whom you form friendships who will love you wholeheartedly just for being you, despite everything that may entail. It’s truly a gift. 

– Marie, Spring 2013  

The most unexpected lesson learned would be the logistical and behind-the-scenes planning of events and other really important jobs. We all thought that the staff would handle the big decisions, but this isn’t always the case. They not only allow us to make some decisions, but they expect us to. It is awesome to learn what it feels like to be responsible for something so much bigger than yourself.

– Ryan, Summer 2014 

I learned that I miss my family a lot when away and that milk tastes better out of bags (sorry, America). Really that’s just to say you should never underestimate the value in establishing support networks ahead of time. Scheduling a weekly Skype call with your mom or best friend is invaluable for maintaining relationships and feeling supported while you’re away.

– Matt, Spring 2013

As an international intern, I learned a lot, not only about TWLOHA, but also about life in America. I learned that I wish Australia had squirrels, that Oreos come in a wild amount of flavors, and that the waitresses at Buffalo Wild Wings will only bring you five Cokes before they think you’ve had enough. As for practical lessons, I learned the importance of love and apology languages, that sometimes the best conversations are unplanned, and that everyone you meet can teach you something.

– Clair, Spring 2013 

Life doesn’t get put on hold just because you’ve achieved a dream. Sometimes you need to carry the weight of life outside of Melbourne with you, and it can get heavy. But remember: You are surrounded by incredible people who can help lighten the load. 

– Lydia, Fall 2014 

That it is truly and utterly OK to stop and ask for help. It can be a difficult thing to get used to at first, but being in a workplace where you can be so open and honest really drives home everything that TWLOHA stands for in a very personal way.

– Kenneth, Fall 2014 

I think the biggest lesson I have learned so far is that my voice really does matter. You come into this thinking that you are just an intern, but you are treated just like any other member of the team. You are part of a team, part of a bigger picture, and your voice matters. 

– Chris, Fall 2014 

I think that, for me, the most unexpected lesson was learning that self-care is extremely important. Taking time for yourself, in whatever way that may be, is vital during this internship. I didn’t know much about self-care before coming into this, but now I know that living with six other people would be a lot more difficult without it. 

– Laura, Fall 2014 

Even on your best days, there will always be room for improvement and growth. It is important to continue creating and becoming the person you want to be.  

– Alicia, Summer 2014 Intern 


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