Your Love Still Works.

By Jamie TworkowskiFebruary 1, 2017

Your Love Still Works

Last February was maybe the hardest month of my life. i wrote these words late one night, because rejection has a way of saying your heart’s no good. When it came time to pair statements with months for the 2017 TWLOHA calendar, i asked if this could land in February. Whether it’s feeling alone as Valentine’s Day approaches, or wondering if you can make a difference in the midst of so much division and uncertainty, please remember: Your Love Still Works.

Thank you to Alex Jones for the awesome lettering.

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  1. Lauren Carter

    I needed this today. I needed someone to tell me that despite all of my struggles, I am still capable of loving and I am still capable of being loved. Jamie, thank you for helping me find hope, even when it seems all is lost.

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  2. NIa Rakestraw

    February has always been a rough time for me, my mother passed away in February, but this really made my day. Thank you, This honestly made me believe that my love is pure. I appreciate you.

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