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You are something priceless. You and all your fears & dreams. Learn more at @TWLOHA:


If you're struggling, @TWLOHA has local and 24-hour resources on its FIND HELP page:


No matter how you feel or what you're going through, @TWLOHA's blog will remind you that you're not alone.


Every dollar matters. Help @TWLOHA connect people to the help they deserve.


Happy Birthday

Donate your birthday to TWLOHA.

We believe birthdays are a special thing. They give us an opportunity to say, “I'm glad you’re alive. Your story matters.”

We’re excited to share that you can now donate your birthday to TWLOHA through Facebook! This is a chance to not only celebrate your story but to also give those struggling a chance to find the hope and help they deserve.

To donate your birthday on Facebook, look at the side panel of your Newsfeed. Under the “Explore” section you can click on “Fundraisers” to create your campaign. Search and select To Write Love on Her Arms. to begin fundraising!

You can also download the Facebook Cover Photo and Social Image we created to help promote your birthday fundraiser.



AmazonSmile provides users the opportunity to support their favorite organizations with each Amazon purchase at no extra cost.

Follow this LINK, sign in to your Amazon account, and click on To Write Love on Her Arms when you’re prompted to choose an organization. You’ll shop exactly the same way you have before, but now a percentage of your purchase will benefit TWLOHA.

The best part is that you can do this every time you shop through Amazon. All you have to do is bookmark this page so every time you return a percentage will be donated.


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Fears Vs. Dreams

What’s your biggest fear? What’s your greatest dream?

We invite you to answer these two questions.
The story is yours, and it’s entirely unique.

Add your words to the mix:

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