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By To Write Love on Her ArmsMarch 19, 2021

Our antiracism must include standing against the hate that is being directed toward Asian people. As we hope for accountability, we also want to address the community-specific need for support and resources. This is a human concern and at the core of TWLOHA, we care about people and their mental well-being.

In recognition of those unique struggles, we have compiled a list of mental health resources focused on supporting the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community. This list represents some but not all of the resources available. If you have one you’d like to recommend, we’d like to know about it. Please email any relevant information and links to us at [email protected].

TWLOHA’s Treatment & Recovery Scholarships

These funds represent a collective belief that all people should have access to professional mental health care. This application is open to anyone regardless of race or ethnicity, but if you are a person of color facing financial barriers we encourage you to apply here. We can also help you connect with a therapist in your community.


After typing in your zip code and level of care, you can use the “Personal Filter” tab in the top left corner to present the most relevant search options. To find BIPOC resources in your area, please use the personal filter, and choose the relevant option in the Race/Ethnicity section. If there are other filters that fit your circumstances or needs, please feel free to use them as well.

Referral Networks + Resources

Inclusive Therapists
Inclusive Therapists offers a safer, simpler way to find a culturally responsive, social justice-oriented therapist. We center the needs of marginalized populations, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, the LGBTQ+ community, neurodivergent folx, and people with disabilities.

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association
NAAPIMHA’s mission is to promote the mental health and well-being of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Since its founding, NAAPIMHA strives to raise awareness of the role of mental health in an individual’s health and well-being, especially in Asian American Pacific Islander communities throughout the country.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
An interactive digital directory that helps QTPoC locate QTPoC mental health practitioners across the country. It includes a Google map as well as a Featured Practitioners page which is organized regionally to assist people in identifying a practitioner to work with.

Find a Multicultural Therapist is a psychotherapy directory specializing in providing an opportunity for people from different cultural backgrounds to find a therapist who shares their cultural experience. Their goal is to assist in connecting individuals to culturally competent therapists.

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective
Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a non-profit nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to individuals, couples, children, and families in need. Open Path therapists provide affordable, in-office and online psychotherapy sessions between $30 and $60.

Asian Mental Health Collective (AMHC)
AMHC is a non-profit organization working to normalize and destigmatize mental health in the Asian community expressing collectivist ideals while respecting the agency of the individual. They offer an APISAA Therapist Directory of providers nationwide to assist in finding help. AMHC utilizes several platforms to reach its goals including Facebook groups, resource pages, web-series, and support groups among other things.

South Asian Therapists
South Asian Therapists is a platform that is home of the largest global community of South Asian therapists, including therapists of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Afghani, and Nepali heritage. Here you can find culturally-competent South Asian mental health professionals to help you get the support you’re looking for.

Mai Family Services
Located in Livonia, Michigan, they are the only organization serving the South Asian Community for Crisis Intervention and Prevention regardless of gender, religion, and ethnicity. MaiFS offers services with a holistic approach. Their caseworkers offer nonjudgmental, empathetic, and culturally-sensitive counseling and emotional support.

Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers
Agency based in Los Angeles County, California, that offers mental health counseling online as well as workshops and group activities for the Asian Pacific communities in its service area.

Each Mind Matters California
Each Mind Matters was created to unite all people who share a vision of improved mental health and equality. Their goal is to amplify the voices of all people who want to put an end to this stigma, creating a community where everyone feels comfortable reaching out for the support they deserve.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service Washington
An organization based in the state of Washington that provides Asian American and Pacific Islander communities with mental health services and support.

Center for Pan Asian Community Services Georgia
Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS) is a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its mission is to promote self-sufficiency and equity for immigrants, refugees, and the underprivileged through comprehensive health and social services, capacity building, and advocacy.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
NAMI is one of the nation’s leading voices on mental health. They are an association of more than 500 local affiliates who work in your communities to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.

13 Mental Health & Wellness Resources For Asian-American Communities
These platforms destigmatize mental health, connect people with therapists, and more.

Additional Resources

Asian Women for Health
​Asian Women for Health (AWFH) is a peer-led, community-based network dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellbeing through education, advocacy, and support. They are a diverse group of individuals working together across differences in age, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, socio-economic and educational levels, to address individual, community-wide and systemic barriers that affect Asian women and their loved ones. Hear their stories and support their journeys to healthier lives.

Together Empowering Asian Minds
TEAM’s mission is to engage, educate and empower Asian Americans with culturally relevant resources and peer support so as to destigmatize seeking help for mental health problems. They envision a world where Asian Americans with mental illnesses can speak freely, share openly, and experience acceptance and support without shame and judgment.

Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA)
The Asian American Psychological Association works to advance the mental health and well-being of Asian American communities through research, professional practice, education, and policy. AAPA is also committed to advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Asian Americans. They have worked to compile a list of resources in supporting the AAPI LGBTQ community.

Asian Pride Project
Asian Pride Project is an online space for family and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asian & Pacific Islander (API) people. It is a place to share stories and experiences with each other, in the languages of the API communities, in video, sound, pictures, and words.

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance is a network of Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander LGBTQ organizations.

55 Mental Health Resources for People of Color
A guide for culturally diverse populations such as African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, Latinx Americans, and Native Americans/Alaska Natives. Readers can find mental health resources, podcasts, and advocacy organizations to help address behavioral and emotional health needs, treatment, and how to find care.

Asians Do Therapy
A website working to reduce stigma about and improve access to therapy with guidance on finding a therapist.

Music Therapy for Asian American Mental Health
For AAPI communities, music therapy could prove to be a promising alternative solution to conventional therapy methods for addressing the AAPI mental health crisis.


Disclaimer: Although TWLOHA believes in the power of professional help, you are responsible for selecting the provider or treatment. TWLOHA cannot accept responsibility for any of the services provided by these or any other providers.

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