And So I Run

By Bryan FunkApril 14, 2015

Want to participate in this year’s Run For It 5k? You can still join us as a virtual runner or by donating to our Classy fundraising page.

Earlier this year, I hit a turning point in my commitment to my own physical and mental health. Don’t get me wrong; I love exercise, especially when it involves team athletics or when it connects me to nature (i.e. skiing or hiking). For some reason, though, I could never get myself motivated enough to enjoy running.

The truth was it was hard to motivate myself to run because I felt I was in it alone. I finally had a mental shift when I started thinking about why I wanted to run:

I want change.

Over the years I have come to embrace change. Change is hard, but it helps us grow. Adversity helps us get a deeper glance at our soul; it shows us who we are. It is the challenge of change that allows us to reap greater rewards when we reach the mountaintop. My desire to run was the desire to be healthier. Change always comes, but it is rarely easy. Instead of letting the challenges that stood before a dream defeat me, I embraced it, and so I run.

I want to take action.

Creating a change in your life demands action. I shifted my mindset to see running as my action step rather than a barrier. This was the medium that would help me achieve my goals of happiness to live a long, healthy life. And so I run.

I want to keep going.

I cannot let the fact that I am still young be my excuse for not taking action to make a change in my life. The reality is that if I want to remain healthy, I have to remain active, and I have start today. Running won’t be a part of my life for a season. I realized I had to make running an integral pillar of my life that will stay with me for years to come. Because the longer running is a part of my life, the longer I will be able to keep going. And so I run.

I was looking at it all wrong when I first started running. I thought I was in it alone. There are people every day who struggle and who have victories. But we are all in this together – it is shared. This Saturday, April 18, more than a thousand people from around the world will choose to run – to change, to take action, and to keep going. TWLOHA’s Run For It 5k is giving individuals around the world a chance to stand in solidarity together.

I’ve had the privilege over the last few weeks to learn why people are running and why they’re raising money to help TWLOHA get people the help they need. It really struck me when I realized that mostly everyone was running for the same reasons I was. They believe in the promise that change is possible. They want to take action by running for those we’ve lost and those still struggling. They want to keep going by treating this as a precious opportunity to seize the day.

Below are some of our runners and fundraisers on why they are choosing to run:

Running for Helping Others Positively Express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a community of Loyal Open Vital Equality – Alessia

Run to redeem a life. – Megan

I’m running for my generation and future generations to find the hope I’ve found and to be bold and share their stories. – Bek

I am motivated and encouraged to always take care of my body because it holds my soul. -Cassidy

For all those who are battling addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicide. – Lindsay

I’m running on purpose. For people I love. For people you love. – Jaime

For a long time, I was in a truly dark place. And now, after nearly two years, I am finally seeing the good in life. – Alisha.

If you run for these reasons, there is still time to join us. You can join us as a virtual runner or by donating to our Classy fundraising page.

To all those who believe in and embody the message of To Write Love on Her Arms, thank you. We can’t wait to run with you this weekend.

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  1. Tudline

    I’m trying to feel less bad and find some light running. I hope it will do something somehow.
    I’m amazed by all the changes that are made about expressing our feelings and looking for help. I hope this will reach all countries, including mine.

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