Jamie Tworkowski Interview with Becky Anderson on “Authors Revealed”

By To Write Love on Her ArmsJuly 8, 2015

TWLOHA founder and New York Times Bestselling author Jamie Tworkowski sits down with Becky Anderson on “Authors Revealed” from Naperville Community Television and Anderson’s Bookshops in Naperville, Illinois.

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  1. Kay

    What I’m trying to figure out is where did you get the name of your group. “To Write Love On Her Arms” What confuses me is when I was self injuring, it wasn’t out of love for myself more like self hate, punishment and believe it or not, I actually was trying to purify myself by letting the bad bleed out until I literally felt, clean. It was a very awful way of cleansing oneself but under the circumstances it was all I knew to do at that time in my life. Now, some 25yrs. later, yes I do know why I did what I did with the cutting. Today, I live with my scars. I do not try to hide them needlessly. I don’t have to show the world everything, it took enough. My husband of 43 yrs loves me for me, his only regret is that he turned his attention away from me hoping I would get whatever it was bothering me put to rest. When I began cutting to deeply then the ER wasn’t going to keep stitching me up without some kind of intervention from psychiatrist. I didn’t trust anyone at that time. I wasn’t even sure why I was doing this to myself, I felt so dirty. I worked very hard to free myself from the pshyical, emotional abuse and the years of sexual abuse. I still suffer the dreams sometimes but when I am with my sons (who do know, somewhat I went through, details are not needed for them) and my 11 yr old granddaughter, 5 and 2yr old grandsons, all they want from me is unconditional love and I have a abundance of that for them. I’ m still here to enjoy this life, but l will never forget what it almost took from me!!! Kay

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  2. Kathy

    Thank you! As a SocialWorker/ Therapist I look forward to read this book and pass it onto clients (in the mental health field called bibliotherapy).. Awesome work!

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