Saying Goodbye: Spring 2016 by the Numbers

By Rebecca WilkinsonMay 2, 2016

7 people.

109 days.

1 TWLOHA Spring 2016 term.

One of you wrote that on the office board. Those numbers are all true, but there are so many more numbers that could define your term:

1,250 messages answered.

10 years of TWLOHA celebrated.

6,650 miles ran/walked around the globe and more than $80,000 raised during the most successful Run For It 5k campaign in our history.

92 TWLOHA interns and staff coming together to reminisce over our shared mission.

Those numbers are amazing. I hope they feel important to you. I hope you know each of you had a hand in making all of that possible. I heard Jamie say it to you, and I’ll echo it here: We will never fully know the effects of these numbers. You will never get to see all the lives you’ve changed. You won’t be able to know how you’ve touched the stories of your fellow interns. You won’t even fully understand how this experience has changed you. We’re all part of a bigger story still going.

So now you’re going on to new things, new adventures, and new sets of numbers you’ll use to quantify your impact on the world. I hope you’ll take these last 109 days with you into the next chapter of your life, both the big things we can quantify and the little moments that only you experienced.

I’m so thankful for all the work you’ve done. And more than that, I’m thankful that you allowed me to be part of it. I came in during the middle of your term and that could’ve been a hard thing, but you all treated me with such grace as I worked with you. You let me grow and learn with you guys. You taught me more than I have words for in this moment.

I think a lot of you had your definition of community altered through your time here. It’s not a thing that comes easily. Community is tension and stress and a general lack of privacy sometimes. But it is also witty banter and having new experiences and way too much talk about Settlers of Catan. Community looks different for every group, even for every person experiencing the community.

Ben, Elizabeth, Shea, Kaitlyn, Alanna, Connor, Hannah: The seven of you are such a beautiful example of community. This will always be a shared moment in time for you guys. Thank you for helping us accomplish so much. Thank you for giving up so much to be here. Thank you for letting us know you. Thank you.

7 different experiences.

109 adventures.

1 TWLOHA Spring 2016 term.

Much love,


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Comments (3)

  1. Bellla

    Always grateful for the entire TWLOHA team
    God bless

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  2. Leonie

    Settlers of Catan?. Playing boardgames feels so relieved. A moment with friends and only thinking about what could be the best strategy instead of struggling with the demons in my head.

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  3. Eddie Lopez

    I am grateful for all that you do. Each of you has chosen to make a difference. I have been following TWLOHA since the beginning on FB. Not even sure why I began to. I have read the posts as a silent observer for many years. Taken solace when I was down and felt the comfort you have provided for others.
    The last few months have been the darkest of my life. I have been on the edge with one foot over many times. For the last couple of weeks I have been reading your blog daily. Trying to understand my place. Trying to find common ground. What has come to the surface is that my story of 40 years has no one making effort to support. Even after I began to share my story years ago… there is no one. Within my recovery is only myself and Creator. But my emerging thoughts are how I can help as many as possible to know that they are not alone as I have been. That I Love, Care and want to hear their stories.
    I thank all of you with all the Love that Creator has gifted me.

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