Tomorrow Looks Good on You

By Jessica StraitSeptember 9, 2018

If today feels unbearable…

If today seems insurmountable…

If today is more painful than you think you can bear…

I’ve got good news.

There’s always tomorrow.

I know what you’re thinking. Tomorrow will just be more of the same; you’ve lived through hundreds of tomorrows and yet you’re still suffering.

The agony you’re experiencing is real, and I know firsthand how unbelievably difficult it is to find hope in the future when you’re being crushed by the weight of today.

However, pain is a present emotion. Of course we can (and often do) anticipate tomorrow’s pain but we can only truly experience pain upon arrival. It’s not uncommon for the pain of the present to overwhelm us to the point in which we feel our despair is inescapable.

Today is notorious for convincing us that we should give up. Today can feel relentless in its attacks on our will to live. Leaving us wondering why we should stay and see what tomorrow holds when today feels so miserably hopeless.

Truth is, tomorrow is brand new. A day you believe will be filled with the same ominous forecast—but tomorrow can hold absolutely anything. It has boundless possibility. It holds opportunity for change. It’s a chance for improvement. For growth. For love. For trust.

Tomorrow could hold moments of new found hope or happiness. Tomorrow you may see a sign. A sign showing you how the universe is actually working with you, instead of against you. Even if it’s a small, fleeting moment, it’s still a beautiful reminder that our tomorrows can be different from our todays.

Tomorrow may surprise you. I know you think you’ve got tomorrow all figured out. The pain of today has you absolutely certain tomorrow couldn’t possibly have anything else to offer but the same repeat playlist of pain, torment and sadness.  But tomorrow has no rules. It’s as unpredictable as the weather. Therefore, we shouldn’t make any permanent decisions on our perception of tomorrow.

We can’t possibly define tomorrow, today. The only way to truly know what tomorrow holds is to choose to stay and see it for ourselves.

Don’t let today convince your mind that tomorrow isn’t worth the wait.

Do not let today confuse your body into thinking tomorrow will offer you no reprieve.

The darkness within us thrives on the woes of today. We’re falsely led to believe the darker today gets, the less hope there is for sunlight tomorrow.

This is an outright lie.

Tomorrow has so much potential for sun. We just have to find a way to hold on long enough to let it rise. Even if today is the darkest it’s ever been, stay with us to see the light of tomorrow illuminate the horizon.

Tomorrow looks good on you. Tomorrow was made for people like you. Those who need a fresh start, a new sunrise, and the hope for something better.

I would love to see you tomorrow. Because the “today you” is not who you really are. You are tomorrow. You are the sum of all of the tomorrows you’ve yet to see. The “tomorrow you” knows that today is just today and it’ll pass much like a storm. The tomorrow you is going to make it.

Tomorrow you is stronger, healthier, and happier.

Tomorrow you will be thankful you were able to survive the onslaught of today.

Today is just the current stair on the staircase of your life. Today is only one single stair. The next step is tomorrow and all you have to do is move forward. Keep stepping upward to all your tomorrows and let life prove to you it can change for the better. I promise the view gets better the higher you go.

Tomorrow exists to show you why you held on today.

Let every single tomorrow prove to you why it’s worth fighting day after day.

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  1. Michele

    This is amazing. Love all that guys do. I almost lost my daughter three years ago. Im glad she believed enough in me to tell her story, and i was able to get her extensive therapy. I only wish others couldnhave the same. So thank you and god bless. You are making a difference every day.

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  2. Catherine

    I needed this today.

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