What Stigma Sounds Like

By Fortesa LatifiNovember 2, 2015

Stigma sounds like 

This wouldn’t be happening if you were stronger.

Why can’t you just get better? It’s your decision.

What is there to be so sad about? Just get out of bed.

Wash your hair. You’ll feel better.

Go to the gym. You’ll feel better.

Stop thinking about yourself so much.

While you’re at it, stop thinking so much.

People have gone through so much worse and they’re fine, so what’s wrong with you?

Why can’t you be fine?

Just cheer up. You get enough attention already.

This is the best time of your life. You should be enjoying every minute of it. Why are you wasting it?

Maybe if you spent your time helping other people you’d see what real problems are.

It’s all in your head.

It’s all in your head.

It’s all in your head.

Stigma feels like

The time I decided it would be easier to fight this alone than tell anyone and risk having them think I’m “crazy.”

Feeling “crazy.”

Not wanting to have kids in case you pass this onto them.

A hand closed around your throat so you can’t speak.

Embarrassment swimming deep in your belly.

Guilt between your teeth.

Questioning your own strength.

Questioning your own mind.

Calling in sick to work and saying you have the flu instead of admitting you cant get out of bed.

Lying because it’s easier than telling the truth.




Stigma is








Stigma needs

To end.

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Comments (19)

  1. Kayla

    You realize and feel much less crazy after reading this, because someone else either feels or has felt it too. The feels are too real right now!

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  2. Alysha

    I completley agree.

    Reply  |  
  3. Beth

    Thank you. This is exactly what it’s like. I got my healing and I want others to heal too.

    Reply  |  
  4. Rebecca

    I literally just wrote an essay for school about the stigma associated with mental illness and how we as a society can end it.

    Reply  |  
  5. Kathy

    Thank you Becky.

    Reply  |  
  6. Anon

    This is beautiful. And it speaks so much truth. Thank you.

    Reply  |  
  7. Heather

    I love this blog. Thank you for sharing ?

    Reply  |  
  8. EJ

    Tragically well written. Thank you for giving a voice to this stigma…..out in the light it has no power.

    Reply  |  
  9. zoe

    i never comment on things like this, but I had to this time. It’s so moving and so accurate. Thank you for writing it.

    Reply  |  
  10. Sky boivin

    Wow. Very powerful and very true

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  11. Ashley B

    This is amazing. I am constantly holding everything inside and keeping feelings to myself because of this stigma and the fear of judgement. But thank you for sharing this

    Reply  |  
  12. Leslie

    Thank you.

    Reply  |  
  13. Dragon

    It’s the unspoken accusation that you aren’t trying hard enough, that you could be better if you’d just eat healthier, socialize more, pray harder, and I’m so grateful to know others feel it too.
    Thank you.

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  14. Holly

    I relate to EVERY single statement given, and yet I’ve never had the ability to express how I feel :(:

    Reply  |  
  15. zach

    I wish you guys would of put in the “stigma is” section that stigma is ignorance on the disease that you or another person has. Along with, stigma, is lack of education on mental illness or even substance abuse, suicide, self harm, and psychology in general.

    Reply  |  
  16. Staci

    I love this blog too. Thank you for encouraging, inspiring and inspiring hope. Thank you.

    Reply  |  
  17. Jessica

    Yes ❤

    Reply  |  
  18. Natalia Lopez

    El estigma es miedo a lo desconocido.
    Yo siento las afirmaciones descritas a menudo.
    También tengo seres queridos que no me entienden pero tratan de ayudarme.

    Reply  |  
  19. EMMA

    This is exactly how to describe it! Thank you so much!

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