Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

By To Write Love on Her ArmsDecember 31, 2014

TWLOHA 2014_outlined

“There Is Still Some Time” by Jamie Tworkowski

“They Have It All Wrong” by Amanda Long

“It Didn’t Matter That He Was Funny” by Sammy Nickalls

“Empty Seats at the Oscars. A Fight Renewed Each Morning.” by Jamie Tworkowski

“How Fake Characters Saved My Real Life” by Allie Mackerty

“Self-Care Isn’t Selfish” by Tiffany Keesey

“Deciphering My Code” by Sara Pintilie

“Sophia Bush Reflects on the Loss of Robin Williams.” by Sophia Bush

“Keys to Self-Care in College” by Alyse Ruriani

“Letting Myself Let Go” by Jessica Cooney

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  1. Karin miller

    just watched the movie and was very moved. none of us are perfect. I am bipolar and an addict. I have wasted years of my life being angry that my father tried to kill me and my only son was murdered. i have relapsed but i pick myself up and keep moving. i play bass and write. this helps me to get through. i have written a book about the murder of my son called I want him back, wrote my first song, numerous poems and even a children’s story about bullying. this give my life purpose and helps to keep me clean on top of taking my bipolar meds. there is hope and you can learn to love yourself even when mistakes are made. it is never too late to start over. i am thankful to my rehab, family, and friends that have helped me through. in my addiction, i just wanted to die. now i have a new zest for life! if i can do this, i believe anyone can if they want it bad enough for themselves. one day at a time! peace, love and happiness to you all!!!

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